JEE Main 2020 Question Paper 8 January Morning

JEE Main 2020 Question Paper 8th January Morning Shift

Solving the JEE main question papers is very beneficial in exam preparation. JEE Main Question Paper Online 2020 (8 January – Morning) could help you to understand important concepts, distribution of marks, as well as the weightage that is given to the various topics in the entire syllabus.

JEE Main Question Paper Online 2020 (8 January – Morning)- Free PDF

Regularly practising the JEE main question papers along with the JEE Main mock test papers will help you score well. By solving the JEE main question papers of 2020, you will learn about the entire JEE main syllabus. The difficulty level of the JEE main question paper could be said to be moderate to tough. The students who are well versed with the JEE main syllabus will score better.

Important Things to Know about JEE Main Exam

There are some important points or tips that should be kept in mind while taking the JEE main examination—

JEE Main is an online exam for students who are currently in grades 11 and 12 or passed grade 12 with Physics, Maths, and Chemistry as their subjects. 

  • You should always revise your notes during the last few months before the exam. 
  • Do not try to learn a new chapter right before the exam. After having finished studying one chapter, revise whatever you have learned. 
  • It is essential to take the JEE Main Mock Test before examination to gauge your readiness. 
  • The topics that need improvement will be better understood by the students when they take JEE main mock tests
  • It is important to check your admit cards thoroughly Any mistakes and problems with the information on the admit card should be reported to the authorities immediately and corrected before the JEE main examination.