JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2017 8th April

Preparing for the JEE Main Mathematics section? If you are, then the Mathematics question paper for the previous year is an extremely valuable study resource for this highly competitive exam. 

JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2017 (8th April) – Free PDF

Candidates appearing for the exam need to get familiar with the exam pattern and the difficulty level. There can be variations in the difficulty level of the questions each year. That being said, the exam also follows a set pattern every year. So, the JEE 2017 Mathematics paper will help you identify the important topics and analyze the pattern of the exam. 

Moreover, the JEE Main question paper consists of four different sets. So, it is best to solve all the sets and as many question papers as you can as it will prepare you for all kinds of questions. More often than not, Mathematics can be tough to prepare for, and solving the 2017 JEE Mathematics question paper will boost your confidence and will give you an idea of the type of questions asked. 

Apart from studying from the recommended texts and online resources, you must attempt JEE Main mock tests as they will help you understand the exam pattern. With Extramarks, you can access the Mathematics question paper for free in PDF format.

JEE Main Mathematics 2017 Syllabus

Topics Topics
Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equation Differential Equations
Sets, Relations And Functions Integral Calculus
Permutation And Combination Three Dimensional Geometry
Matrices And Determinants Coordinate Geometry
Binomial Theorem And Its Simple Applications Statistics And Probability
Mathematical Induction Vector Algebra
Limit, Continuity And Differentiability Mathematical reasoning
Sequences And Series Trigonometry

JEE Main Mathematics Paper-Preparation Tips

1) Concentrate on such topics which assure you of good marks in a short time frame. It is important to keep in mind that some chapters would not take much time in the preparation, and these should not be ignored in your preparation schedule. Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Probability, Hyperbola, Parabola, Ellipse, three-dimensional Geometry are the chapters which take less time and at the same time preparation of these chapters can boost your score and rank finally. 

2) Past years’ JEE Main paper analysis shows that more attention should be given to Vectors and 3-D geometry  in comparison to probability or indefinite integration as vectors and 3-D geometry offer very little scope to the examiner as far as variety in the type of questions is concerned.

Moreover, you can access the previous years’ question papers along with the solutions at Extramarks. This will help you compare answers and get familiar with the examination mode.

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