NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 21

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 – Food And Fun

EVS (Environmental Studies) learning allows students to explore, investigate, and understand the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the local and wider environments. This subject enables children to live as informed and caring members of the local, national and global communities.

In Class 4 EVS Chapter 21, Food and Fun, students will study about two important things. The first part of the Chapter deals with life in a boarding school, and the second part talks about Gurdwaras in the form of a story.

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Key Topics Covered In NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 – Food and Fun

Have you heard about boarding or residential schools? These schools are different from the normal day schools that we go to. In boarding schools, children stay inside the school campus. They stay in dormitories or residential homes. Refer to Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 to get more information and study materials about this Chapter. 

Students perform various activities in the boarding school together. It is like home to the kids, they have to stay away from their families, but they can meet them once a week. When parents are working and have transferable jobs, they send their children to boarding schools so that they do not have to change schools often.

Boarding schools have their own merits and demerits. Parents send their children to boarding schools for various reasons, as covered in Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21.

Sometimes parents send their kids to boarding school because there may not be any good schools in their city. Kids miss their parents at times while in boarding, but all children live together; they all eat together and do various activities together. It becomes more fun for them while staying together with other children. 

Occasionally parents send a variety of food for their kids, and every kid shares the food and eats together and enjoys it. Residential schools have more extra-curricular activities than normal schools. The teachers at residential schools become second mothers to the students as they spend their time there and live with them on campus. 

They always try to keep the children busy with some or other activities. Here kids become more independent in residential schools because they learn new things independently. They become more independent, and punctuality and discipline are taught, making them more responsible. 

So boarding schools teach many life lessons, and students can refer to our NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 to revise and study this section in more detail.

The next part of this Chapter explains Gurdwaras. Swastika, Divya, and Gurnoor went to the gurdwara. What is Gurdwara? Gurdwara is a place of worship for Sikhs. It is a tradition of Sikhs in the Gurdwara; food is served to thousands of people every day who visit, and the food served is called langar, this is open to anyone who needs food or anybody, and it is served for free. Students can refer to Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 to see some famous Gurdwaras photos.

At Gurdwaras, the Sikhs community prepare food in big utensils, and many people volunteer to cook. They perform various activities like chopping vegetables,  and cooking and serving food. Many people volunteer to offer some help for langar. Few people arrange the raw materials, few give money, few make prasad, and few do other work like serving food and water.

The kids went to the huge kitchen of the Gurdwara. They saw food being cooked in big utensils. They, too, wanted to offer help in the langar. Divya helped by applying ghee to the chapatis from the hot tawas. It is really fun for them to do activities together. 

 NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 – Exercise and Answer Solutions

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2. Which important life lesson will students learn from Class 4 EVS Chapter 21?

From Class 4 EVS Chapter 21, we understand that we learn many new things from each other when we do activities together. These are non-academic skills that make children more responsible and disciplined, valuable when facing the world outside.