NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 – Reaching GrandMother’s House

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 illustrates the journey of Omana reaching her grandmother’s house. The Chapter teaches students about the different types of transportation such as buses, boats, rickshaws, etc. 

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Key Topics Covered In NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8

The Chapter illustrates the journey of Omana reaching her grandmother’s house. To get there, she and her parents took a few hours. This topic educates Class 4 students about the different modes of transportation available today. Bus, Boats, and Autos services are explained in this Chapter. It further explains different types of vehicles, such as trains. 

This chapter aims to introduce students to modes of transportation by articulating the story of Omana’s journey and her interaction with different people she meets during her journey. The Extramarks team has used wonderful representations for young students to gain interest in this Chapter. Students should refer to our NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 to get full access to our study guides for this Chapter.

After Omana’s long train journey, they finally reached Kottayam(Kerala) at night. Valiyamma’s home was not far from the station, and they had to take two auto-rickshaws to reach there. Omana was sleepy on reaching and fell asleep without having her food. Her Amma woke her up, and she got ready, took the luggage and went to the bus stand.

Valiyamma’s family joined them. There were ten people, and they had too much luggage too! The bus conductor came, and Omana’s Appa bought tickets for everyone. They managed to get seats when the bus arrived, and it got very crowded later. Passengers were sharing the seats. They too had to share their seats.

After a long ride, the bus finally reached the last stop, and Omana was happy to get off. She thought they had finally reached Ammumma’s village. But no! their journey had not ended there. The bus had dropped them by the waterside. “Look”, Omana’s  Amma pointed across the water. “That is where we have to go.” “But how will we get there?” Omana wondered.

She saw a boat coming. “There is the ferry,” Amma said. Immediately a huge crowd of people started getting off, and they were the school children, men, and women, all with their luggage. Amma told Omana that people used the ferry to cross the water and reach the other side.

All the Passengers had to pay the fare before getting on, and soon the ferry was full. It started again. Omana saw the rippling of the still water as the ferry moved. It was moving smoothly on the water. She saw the rows of coconut trees on the river banks,  people fishing, washing, bathing and working along the banks.

Before sunset, it disappeared into the water; the ferry reached the island and stopped. It was time for them to get off. At last, they reached Ammaumma’s place. 

The story is very engaging, and Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 makes it further interesting for students by using visual demonstrations about Omana’s journey.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 – Exercise and Answer Solutions

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