IPCC Full Form

IPCC Full Form

Integrated Professional Competence Course is the IPCC Full Form, in CA. If students have taken the CPT and passed, they are probably knowledgeable about the ICAI. Extramarks provides study materials for all the classes and a majority of competitive examinations such as IPCC Full Form.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) oversees all aspects of the Indian Chartered Accountant curriculum, from seminars and publications to test preparation and training schedules and procedures. This institute is in charge of running the IPCC Full Form programme. Students will learn all there is to know about the IPCC from this article.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts Chartered Accountancy Exams at two separate levels:

CA Foundation

CA Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)

The CA IPCC exam is offered by ICIA twice a year, in the months of May and November.

What is the Full form of IPCC?

The second stage of the CA (Chartered Accountancy) programme is called the Integrated Professional Competence Course which is the Full Form Of IPCC. It is managed by the ICAI, as was already indicated. Candidates are qualified to move on to the next stage or the final course of chartered accounting after finishing the programme.

It aids in gaining a practical grasp of the core and sub-core disciplines involved in CA, which requires close to 9 months of instruction before sitting the exam, as an intermediate curriculum. The IPCC Full Form test was added back to the CA intermediate exams in July 2017.

Numerous significant modifications were made to the ICAI exam’s synopsis, notably the way the subjects were arranged. Several deletions and additions were scattered throughout the syllabus, but students can rest assured since it is just to give the subjects more depth. However, it does not affect students’ decision to select one or two groups of papers for this examination. There have not been many notable changes to anticipate. It is advisable to peruse the changes and focus on their preparation for the CA examination. Students must know What Is The Full Form Of IPCC before applying for the same.


Students must be persevering in their efforts and practice on a regular basis with the help of the educational resources made available on the Extramarks website for the IPCC Full Form.

Eligibility criteria for IPCC

A student must pass the CA CPT before taking this exam (Chartered Accountancy Common Proficiency Test) before appearing for the IPCC Full Form examination. A test is given following the conclusion of the course. The examination in question is called the IPCE (Integrated Professional Competence Examination). Both academic exams and practical training are included.

In this course, there are seven papers in total, separated into two groups. The first group has four subjects, while the second group only has three. All of these topics pertain to the knowledge system embedded in the field of Accountancy.

Syllabus For CA IPCC 2021

For information about the previous and new syllabus, students must read CA IPCC Syllabus 2022. Students can download the topic-by-topic PDF of the CA IPCC Syllabus from the Extramarks website to begin their learning process. All of the topics contained in the provided syllabus are covered in the examination, thus students were required to read it before beginning their study. The IPCC Full Form syllabus is easily available for students to prepare properly.

Examination details of IPCC

The IPCC curriculum combines academic and practical instruction. An applicant gets seven papers in this course that are split into two categories. The first group includes 4 topics. Three subjects make up the second group. These topics from the first and second categories are all pertinent to the field of accounting. To pass a class, students need to receive 150 marks in group 2 and 200 marks in group 1 overall.

Papers of group 1

Accounting subject – 100 marks

Law – 60 marks

Ethics – 20 marks

Communication – 20 marks

Cost Accounting – 50 marks

Financial Management – 50 marks

Income Tax – 50 marks

Indirect Tax – 50 marks

Papers of group 2

Advanced Accounting – 100 marks

Auditing & Assurance – 100 marks

Information Technology – 50 marks

Strategic Management – 50 marks

Registration and Application Fee

The IPCC Full Form exam can be taken by graduates or postgraduates with more than 55% aggregate marks in Commerce or more than 60% marks for students who have cleared the exam of either ‘Institute of Cost Accountants’ or ‘Company secretary’.

Primary objectives of IPCC

  • The IPCC Full Form is a highly prestigious examination.
  • The IPCC Full Form must be a focal point of study for students who wish to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy.

The IPCC Full Form exams are conducted in May and November, twice every year.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is it easy to qualify for IPCC Exam?

Yes, students with a proper understanding of subjects and syllabi will be able to qualify by following a timetable.

2. Does the IPCC exam take place twice a year?

Yes, the IPCC Full Form examination takes place twice a year. Mostly, it takes place in months of May and November.