LLM Full Form

LLM Full Form

The Full Form of LLM is Legum Magister. The Latin term is used to describe a master’s degree in law. Commonly, LLMs are referred to as Masters of Law. In the area of law, the LLM Full Form is a post-graduate degree program which is internationally recognised. Around the world, most nations offer this course.

What is the full form of LLM?

Most individuals are uncertain about the usage of double L in LLM Full Form. Generally, it is assumed that the two L’s define different things, but it is abbreviated in Latin plural form by repeating the letter. Lex, meaning specific law, is defined as the possessive plural form of LL.

Duration of LLM

As a lawyer, you must know the LLM Full Form meaning and also that the course lasts for about two years. There are two semesters in each of these years. Candidates can also complete the course through distance education at some colleges. There may be rules specific to these colleges or universities.

Subjects in LLM

The requirements for at least getting admitted to LLM Full Form are that the applicant must have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB). During the LLM program, candidates must study the following subjects:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Constitutionalism
  • Law and social transformation in India
  • Judicial process
  • Legal research and methodology
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Trade Law
  • Corporate Law

Skills Required to Complete The LLM

A Legum Magister aspirant will know what the LLM Full Form acronym stands for. To succeed in this career, the aspirant must possess several skills. The ability to help others, self-confidence, perseverance, determination, etc. are a few of these traits.

There are some of these that are natural, and there are others that are nurtured while studying. Candidates who develop these skills are more likely to succeed in life.

List of LLM Specialisations

Specialisation sectors in LLM are:

  • Commercial & Corporate
  • Environmental Issues
  • Financial Services
  • Property law and many more
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Human Rights
  • Bankruptcy

Eligibility Criteria for LLM

To appear for the LLM Full Form entrance exam, the candidate has to first pass the eligibility criteria. For a candidate to qualify, the following rules must be met:

  1. Undergraduate law degree course under the 5-year pattern from a recognized university is required for the aspirant.
  2. The aggregate marks must be at least 55%.
  3. It is still possible for candidates from reserved categories to get a chance even if they achieve 50% in the aggregate.
  4. Admission to most colleges is not restricted by age.
  5. There may be additional and separate rules at some colleges or universities.
  6. It is necessary to meet the university’s criteria in order to be admitted to these institutions.

Applicants of LLM degree

Applicants who primarily select the LLM Full Form degree are,

  • Law professionals
  • Human Right Activists
  • Businessmen and women
  • Lawyers
  • Doctoral students and so on.

Sectors that employ LL.M. Graduates

  • Consultancies
  • Law Firms
  • Media and Publishing houses
  • NGO
  • Courthouses
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • International Organizations like UNO or UNICEF
  • FMCG
  • Finance

Top hiring firms of LLM candidates

  • Pangea 3 Global Services
  • Quislex Legal Services
  • Pramata Knowledge Solutions, Pvt. Ltd.
  • CPA Global Services
  • Clutch Group


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Is The Full Form of LLM?

The Full Form of LLM is Legum Magister. It is the Latin term for a Master of Laws degree. Generally, candidates with an undergraduate law degree, professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree related to law pursue the academic degree in India. In many regions of the world, the degree having LLM Full Form allows a professional to do the legal practice. The course also provides law students and professionals with the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of law. Every year, plenty of candidates apply for the degree because of these characteristics. An LLM aspirant will be knowing the LLM Full Form and meaning and the several options that it offers.