PGDCA Full Form

PGDCA Full Form

A one-year professional course in computer applications, known as the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications- PGDCA Full Form, teaches students about computer applications or computer science.

Major scholarly and practical facets of computer software creation and use are covered in the course. Over the duration of the course, students get to learn about a variety of subjects, including operating systems, database management systems, and web development. Candidates who complete the programme successfully are eligible for a variety of jobs in the computer software sector.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications- PGDCA Full Form can be taken in regular or distance learning modes by the candidate. The University of Delhi and Sardar Patel University are two well-known institutions that regularly offer the programme. PGDCA Full Form Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications distance learning programme is available at schools like Dibrugarh University and IGNOU.

What is the full form of PGDCA?

There are two delivery options for the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications-

PGDCA Full Form, programme: regular and distance. Each has benefits and drawbacks. The cost of a PGDCA course through remote learning is lower, and students can enroll in one in their hometown or a neighbouring location where a centre is located. On the opposite end of the scale is the standard PGDCA course, which is regularly delivered each week in a standard classroom setting. As a result, applicants interact with faculty and peers more regularly, and regular classrooms are more lively and have better lecturers. Classes taken online may be more relaxed. IGNOU permits a four-year maximum for the one-year course, which is normally limited to three years.


For those who desire to pursue a career in the IT sector, there is a specialist degree called a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – PGDCA Full Form. It gives course participants several chances to choose from a variety of occupations, including web development, web design, computer programming, software development, ethical hacking, and other fields.

Eligibility criteria for PGDCA

The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – PGDCA Full Form, is offered by a variety of institutions, although the requirements for admission vary from one institution to another.

As part of the PGDCA eligibility requirements, some institutes in some situations establish a hard age limit for admission.

Qualification test: The applicant must be a graduate in any field (BA, B.Com, B.Sc., BBA, BCA, B. Tech etc.). There are no minimum requirements in general, with a few exceptions.

Combination of subjects: While a straightforward undergraduate degree is typically sufficient, institutions like IGNOU etc, require that the applicant have Mathematics as one of their graduate or post-graduate degree subjects.

Age restriction: As with other institutes, there is no maximum or lower age restriction. Again, with few exceptions.

Topics Covered by PGDCA

Students get to learn about the theoretical and application-focused facets of computer applications, including the most recent computer software development, during the one-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – PGDCA Full Form, programme. The PGDCA is a professional course designed for graduate students. The duration of the programme is one year, as opposed to other professional programmes like an MCA, MBA, or even an M. Tech, which are two-year programs. The candidate gets to study topics like C, C++, Java, and Oracle throughout the program.

Admission method for PGDCA

Typically, admission to a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – PGDCA Full Form, the programme is determined by the results of the graduate examination, but other institutions, like the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, screen applicants by administering a written test or examination. Before the final seat allocation, test-qualified candidates are contacted for an interview.

According to the results of the qualifying exam, institutions like IGNOU, and the University of Delhi all provide admission to the PGDCA programme. For the purpose of allocating seats, authorities create merit based on the results of the qualifying examination. Typically, when there is an entrance exam, only exam performance is taken into account for admission; however, there are exceptions, which weigh both graduation marks and exam performance.

Duration of the PGDCA Course

The Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application – PGDCA Full Form, is a course that requires one year of the students pursuing this course.

Top PGDCA Colleges/Institutions in India

There are many different colleges throughout the country that offer the PGDCA course. The students looking for this information can refer to the dedicated section on the Extramarks website or the mobile application of Extramarks. They can easily find all the information related to the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application – PGDCA Full Form.

Career Opportunities After Completing the PGDCA Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications –  PGDCA Full Form, is a professional programme, and after earning the degree, the student may choose to pursue employment. Given that PGDCA is a rather specialised study, students have access to some excellent work opportunities, particularly if the degree was obtained from a prestigious university like the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. A few of the well-liked occupations are those of a Java Developer, Web Developer, and IT specialist.

Many students choose to pursue higher education instead of starting a career right after completing their PGDCA course. Many enroll in programmes like MCA, and M.Sc. IT, and M.Sc. CS to advance their professional prospects.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is The Full Form of PGDCA?

The Full Form of PGDCA is Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application. Students can pursue this course after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.